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How to Get More Video Views from Organic Search in Easy Steps

YouTube Views

It takes a lot of time and works to make a video, but getting people to watch it and participate in it is much more challenging.

One of the most straightforward strategies to assure steady and ongoing views is to have your video rank in organic Google search results.

This post focuses primarily on videos hosted on YouTube because it is the most effective way to gain organic visibility. The following are the key causes for this:

First, when you search Google, you will primarily see Youtube videos.

There aren’t a lot of options. Vimeo has a community that is interested mainly in artistic videos. Therefore submitting videos to WordPress is not recommended.

The steps to boosting your video’s organic ranks are as follows:

Text Optimizer

Create a Video Title That is Optimized but Still Clickable.

The most crucial aspect of video SEO is the video title. Through word of mouth, Facebook sharing, and tweets can increase video viewership, a well-optimized title is required if you want your video to appear in Google’s search results.

The best way to come up with outstanding video titles is to combine your major keywords with related terms like “how to” and “tutorial.” It’s also a good idea to include the company name in the final section of the title. This is a fantastic technique to increase brand recognition.

Because Youtube video names are limited to 100 characters, take some time to put your keywords into this small space. Make sure your video title is engaging and entices viewers to click. It’s not enough to simply list your keywords there.

Make a Thorough Video Description.

A video description gives a search crawler text context, making it an important SEO component. Carefully craft your video description to reflect what your video is about. To help your video rank higher, including both primary and secondary keywords.

Take advantage of the 5000 characters available in the description field on Youtube.

Text Optimizer will assist you in creating a video description that a search crawler will recognize and match to the intent of the searcher:


Include Timestamps in your Document

The clickable table of contents, which takes your viewers deeper into the film, is another good feature to offer in the video description.

That table of contents frequently appears in Google’s search results. This makes your video stand out when people search for it:

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to generating this kind of exposure with Youtube timestamps.

Deep views (those who watch more than the initial few seconds of a video) are a key ranking component in Youtube search results, and timestamps can help you get more of them. These should be included in both your video description and the pinned comment.

Make a Thumbnail That Makes You Want to Click

Video thumbnails are more of a clickability factor than a ranking factor. Video thumbnails appear in organic search results and are likely to have a significant impact on whether or not your video is clicked:

Spend some time making a cool video thumbnail because it’s important for clickability in Google and Youtube searches. You may quickly construct your thumbnail template and alter it from video to video using tools like Creepy.

They have a fantastic tool that allows you to automate your visual marketing by creating in different sizes and dimensions. You’ll be able to re-use your carefully crafted thumbnail image on a variety of networks, including Twitter and Pinterest, by utilizing the supported dimensions:

Organic Search

Make Sure to Include the Following in your Video Thumbnails:

Reduce the number of graphic design elements you use. Keep in mind that when the thumbnail appears in search results, it will be quite small. You want it to be easy to read and understand.

Make some minor branding changes (for example, keep it to your main brand colors)

Prioritize Content Quality Above all else.

Aside from any optimization efforts, the video content’s quality is critical.

In order to preserve their integrity in competitive markets, search engines must ensure that their search results are of good quality and that users respond favorably to them. With low-quality material, you can gain some organic visibility, but it will be fleeting.

With that in mind, make sure your video is worthwhile before adopting your video optimization plan. In addition, your article should be professional and informative. This is always the primary priority.

Keep an Eye on Your Youtube-based Conversion Channel.

If you want to use your Youtube channel to drive visitors and conversions to your website, don’t forget to set up conversion funnels to track your progress. You can do so with Finteza, which is simple to use and provides precise information about your traffic sources and their performance:


Fundamentally, video optimization isn’t a difficult task. However, the more time you spend working on your video’s title and text context, the higher it will likely rank in Google and Youtube search results.

Adding video content to your content strategy could be exactly what your content team needs to take your campaigns to the next level. Video content may be more than simply a player for your content team; it can also be the asset you didn’t realize you needed with some planning, probably some training in new-to-you technology, and some outside-the-box thinking.

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