How to buy Do Follow manual backlinks service : A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Having a good high-quality backlinks strategy is essential to be visible on the web. Google and other search engines take into account the quantity and quality of backlinks from websites to rank them in their SERPs. One of the techniques most used today in the world of SEO to acquire qualitative inbound links is the buy Do Follow Backlinks. What is it and how can you benefit from it? So, let’s know how to buy Do Follow manual backlinks service.

manual backlinks service


Understanding The Concept Of Purchasing manual backlinks service?

Manual authority backlinks is an SEO technique that consists of paying a web platform to create a link pointing to your website. When done well, this strategy can help you achieve your web visibility goals. In general, link building service providers use the buy Do Follow Backlinks to:

  • Propel their new website to the first page of Google;
  • Promote a newly launched service;
  • Generate sales;
  • Improve the SEO of the blog section of their website;
  • Generate qualified traffic.
  • For some years, the term purchase of sponsored articles has also been used to refer to the purchase of backlinks. Thus, instead of simply paying for a link, companies now pay for the writing and publication of high-value-added content in which a backlink will be inserted that points to their site.

With the recent democratization of this concept, it has become possible to obtain incoming links on a multitude of websites: thematic blogs, press websites, forums…

What is a Good Backlink?

The characteristics of a good quality backlink:

  • The link must be in content with a good PageRank in the theme you are targeting.
  • The content in which the link is must be semantically close to the content it targets on your site.
  • There should be a few links in the content to avoid diluting PageRank.
  • The anchor is the context of the link that must be semantically close to the targeted content.
  • The link must be present in the content over the long term to fully benefit from PageRank.
  • The link must be present in the main content of a web page and as early as possible in this content to increase its value in the eyes of the reasonable surfer.
  • The link must not be nofollow or UGC or sponsored. Otherwise, the link will probably not bring PageRank.
  • The incoming link must be indexed by Google otherwise it will not be taken into account.

Why Buy Do Follow Backlinks?

manual authority backlinks has many advantages that make it a popular link-building technique for SEOs. Below, I have listed for you some of the reasons why you should consider integrating it into your SEO strategy. Whether to link directly to your pages or to repopularize existing links, backlink building services is almost mandatory to obtain good positioning.

backlink building services

Save Time And Enjoy Many Opportunities

Of all the techniques for obtaining backlinks that exist, the purchase of sponsored articles is undoubtedly the one that saves the most time. Indeed, all you have to do is contact the platform with which you want to collaborate and agree with it so that a backlink is created for your site. This allows you to reach your visibility goals faster.

Have A Good Link Profile

One of the indicators that influence the natural referencing of a website is its link profile. If you have a bad link profile, both qualitatively and quantitatively, it will be difficult for you to be first on Google. On the other hand, with a good backlink profile, your chances of appearing in the first search results on certain key queries are very high. Thanks to the purchase of backlinks, you can implement different actions to have a perfect link profile. Since you can now intervene on the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your platform, it will be easy for you to adjust them to please search engines.

Be Competitive In A Highly Competitive Field

The competition on Google’s SERPs is very tough. To stay competitive in such a context, you must follow trends and adopt the SEO optimization techniques that work. Today, the purchase of links is essential, even indispensable, for the success of a link-building campaign. It is a technique that all companies have an interest in adopting to succeed in their digitalization.

So, even if you are already getting good results with other strategies, you should consider manual backlinks service as an additional lever that will further boost the SEO performance of your business website.

How To Buy Do-Follow Backlinks?

Like all other SEO strategies, backlink services cannot be improvised from seo link building agency. It is necessary to prepare beforehand. Here are the steps to follow to successfully implement this strategy.

Define Your Needs:

To buy manual backlinks service, you can directly contact the platforms that interest you or go through a site specializing in the sale of backlinks. In either case, you will need to define your needs beforehand. If you want to promote your brand and increase your notoriety quickly, you will need backlinks from very popular platforms: major online newspapers for example. On the other hand, the typology of targeted links will not be the same if you just want to generate engagement around old content recently updated on your corporate blog…

Analyze The Seo Metrics Of The Websites That Interest You:

Once you have clearly defined your needs, you must now analyze the SEO metrics of each platform that interests you. In concrete terms, the elements that must be closely monitored are:

  • Thematic relevance (the websites on which your backlinks will be published must have a theme close to yours);
  • The domain authority;
  • Traffic ;
  • Social engagement (comments, likes, shares);
  • The average duration of sessions;
  • The bounce rate;
  • The link profile.

Websites with high domain authority are preferred as part of a net linking campaign. It is also necessary to turn to platforms that have a good profile of links. Avoid at all costs websites that exchange links with adult sites, casino platforms, and other dubious addresses.

Finally, your referring domains’ user engagement metrics should all be green.


A single link can make the difference between a site that ranks in the first pages of results on Google and one that is next. This is why, today, net linking is one of the main levers used by teams specializing in SEO to improve the natural referencing of their site. Launching a campaign to buy Do Follow Backlinks to boost your SEO is not just a matter of freeing up your budget; it is also a strategic approach to be defined.


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