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Therefore, we choose carefully what to share on our site and what not to. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly before sending Intertech Digital your blog.

Understand Our Guidelines

Chatter Buzz posts are well-researched and provide smart, innovative, engaging advice on a wide range of digital marketing topics, including:

  • Advanced Link Building Tactics for SEO
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Advertising Hacks
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Growth Hacking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

We are specifically looking for topics above that are specific to the following industries:

  • eCommerce
  • Real Estate / Home Building
  • B2B Businesses
  • Medical
  • Higher Education
  • Franchise / Retail

Benefits Of Posting On Intertech Digital

When they contribute to our website, writers can take advantage of a number of advantages, such as:

  • Reach specific clients (blog readers), which could result in a lot of exposure
  • Get a link that points back to your website to improve its SEO worth.
  • By offering them educational content, you can establish a lasting connection with your target audience.
  • Share the link to your content on social media to increase social media traffic.

Improve the global awareness of your brands.

Guidelines To Post On Our Site

Before you write for Intertech Digital, we want you to understand our guidelines. It’s our humble request to read these guidelines carefully and make sure to adhere to them:

  • Only submit original content that has not been published elsewhere on the web. Your blog has to be 100% plagiarism-free.
  • Your article must be 1500+ words.
  • Avoid submitting promotional blogs or articles.
  • You will be allowed one backlink that lands on your website.
  • It should not contain any grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Include at least two royalty-free relevant images in JPG, PNG, or JPEG format. You can also use screenshots, graphics, and other images that illustrate and back up your points.
  • Use active and passive voice at the proper place. Make sure to keep your paragraph and sentence short, simple, and direct.
  • Make proper headings and subheadings on the page. Give proper Title, H1, H2, and related format to make your contribution stand out from other contributions.
  • Include external links from trustworthy and top authoritative websites. Add a reference link to your statements, graphs, or reports to justify it.
  • Include at least two internal links to other relevant Intertech Digital pages.
  • Submit articles through Google Documents along with editor rights.
  • Submit content that solves a problem and provides value to the readers.
  • Include at least 1 to 2 sentence summary that explains your article.


You can expect a reply from us within 15 days working days, though we try to reply to you as soon as possible.

Please avoid sending us requests to post the article that does not fall to the above-mentioned topics and guidelines. Further, we have some conditions if your topic is selected

  • We have the absolute right to make changes to the title and article.
  • Writers have to make all necessary changes in the article as mentioned to be done.
  • You don’t have the right to publish the story elsewhere.
  • We can share it on social channels.


How to Get Started

  • Choose your topic and submit it for approval with a short description at contact@intertechdigitalltd.com
  • If you can not choose a topic, reach us at contact@intertechdigitalltd.com, and we will create one for you. 
  • Write high-quality, unique content, and submit it. 
  • We will publish it on Intertech Digital blog after thoroughly analyzing the content.