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Sellers understand that implementing a well-planned strategy that ensures they remain in stock during peak shopping days is critical to their success on Amazon. “When do I send in my inventory to ensure it arrives on time?” is a significant question for many FBA sellers. Although this can be difficult to predict—especially during a pandemic—all Amazon sellers should pay careful attention to their logistics calendars. Keeping track of important dates and events is also essential for making your 2021 marketing and advertisement campaign as successful as possible.

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A Few Points to Remember This Year:

Prime Day 2021: Owing to the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day 2020 was held in October. Though Amazon has yet to announce Prime Day 2021, it is expected to occur in June to enable Amazon to capitalize on two distinct top-selling holiday seasons throughout the year.

Holiday Season Start Date: Due to Prime Day 2020 being held in mid-October, several brands have pushed up their holiday promotions to begin in October rather than November as they did last year. Though only time can tell, it’s important to remember that brands and consumers can repeat this trend in 2021, shopping as early as October. So keep an eye on things and schedule the inventory send-ins and promotions accordingly.

Amazon/Consumer Response & COVID-19: Following the impact and fluctuations in Amazon delivery and consumer shopping patterns caused by COVID-19 last year, sellers are all too familiar with the impact and fluctuations that can occur as a result of COVID-19. Thankfully, transit times have returned to pre-Covid stages, but supply chains, stock-outs, and normal customer behavior will continue to be disrupted. So maintain vigilance and adaptability (and read this post).


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